Download Power Electronics Thyristor Controlled Power for Electric Motors PDF

Download Power Electronics Thyristor Controlled Power for Electric Motors PDF.
Power Electronics Thyristor Controlled Power for Electric Motors by RAYMOND RAMSHAW.


The control of rotating electrical machines is a major concern of the author so that the applications of the thyristor in this book are towards this end. Thyristors are used a lot when it comes to controlling machines, so it is useful to delve into some details of both the electric motor to be controlled and the potential control units of the thyristor. Not one text can cover all aspects of power electronics in detail. The important aspects of the operation, protection, and control have been carefully described. However, manufacturers' manuals should complement this book, for example, regarding classification specifications. Particular reference was made to the place of the thyristor in technology.
Power Electronics Thyristor Controlled Power for Electric Motors PDF
Power Electronics Thyristor Controlled Power for Electric Motors PDF

And the following pages are for those who want to use a thyristor. Details of the physics of semiconductor materials or the design of the thyristor itself are not necessary here, but a general description of the device may help avoid pitfalls while designing the circuit. A thyristor is an internationally recognized name for a specific semiconductor device. The name is derived from Greek, the first part means the switch, and the second part is related to the family of the transistor. It has a trading name, meaning. SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) ​​It got this name mainly because it is a silicon device and it is used as a controllable rectifier. As a controlled switch, it forms an array with an electromagnetic relay, the matron, and a mercury arc rectifier. The advantages and disadvantages of a thyristor appear in the process of describing the device and the scope of its application. However, the current public interest, development, and use of the thyristor indicate that in many cases its many advantages make it superior to other devices.
While much emphasis is placed on power circuits to control alternating current. And d. Drives, control circuits are not ignored. Attention is paid to practical and real-world examples to provide details of the design of the logic circuits that control electric motor behavior. The first chapter attempts to give a comprehensive picture of the control of the electric motor and the part that the power electronics play. A brief description of physical electronics in Chapter 2 provides an adequate "feel" for a thyristor. Then the operation of the thyristor as a device is described in detail.

Contents Chapter:

1. Power Electronics and Rotating Electric Drives.
2. The Thyristor.
3. Induction Motor Control.
4. Direct Current Motor Control.
5. Synchronous Motor Control.


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