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Troubleshooting Switching Power Converters Download PDF.


A few weeks ago, I found myself groping for some much-needed inspiration. I was even wondering about needing a book on this particular topic. So despite spending five years in the vicinity of the legend behind it, I finally went and bought myself another book - Troubleshooting Analog Circuits by Robert Pease. I'm glad I did, because it ended up fulfilling both of my requirements - not only did I learn that his book is really an inspiring resource (definitely something you laugh your way through the instructor's class with pastries and coffee in hand), but also not about shifting energy. Take, for example, that iconic photo on its cover.
Troubleshooting Switching Power Converters PDF
Troubleshooting Switching Power Converters 

The hopelessly entangled object you see there (creation, not the originator) was a historical V-F (effort to frequency)
The transformer circuit. But in truth, it will never go through a crowd even as a primary switching switch. Test boards, for example, are kryptonite for transformer switches. If you think about it, whatever that image so deservedly conveys is exactly what you shouldn't be trying to do in power. Reassuringly, even this book itself realizes that "Switch mode regulators [are] a brand new ball game". So it was surprising to me to learn that the Analog Troubleshooting Book was originally
It is intended to be just one chapter of a much larger volume on the topic of switching transducers. Perhaps this project has crossed the gaps of time. It was probably a very difficult project to implement - a hypothesis somewhat supported by the fact that there is still no other book on the topic (by the way, cheers for the book you carry!). But I also tend to think that if published in a format that appears to have been originally conceived, it might turn out to be completely misleading - for reasons very similar to those on the cover of an analog book. For a while, it made me think seriously: "Who is this great idea for?" Then I realized that in those days, energy conversion was still in its infancy. Who knew what awaited us? In the early 1970s, the Intel 8080 microprocessor dazzled engineers around the world with its blazing fast 2MHz computing speed! Digital has become a new anthem

Contents Chapter:

 1: Thinking Power.
 2: High-Frequency Effects and the Importance of Input Decoupling.
 3: Output Noise and Filtering.
 4: Using Capacitors Wisely.
 5: Maximizing the Effectiveness of the Ground Plane.
 6: Printed Circuit Board Layout for AC-DC and DC-DC Converters.
 7: Working without a Ground Plane.
 8: Home-Grown Strategies in Troubleshooting.
 9: Effective Bench Work.
 10: Efficiency Rules.
 11: Magnetic, EMI, and Noise.
 12: Discussion Forums, Data sheets, and Other Real-World Issues.


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By : Sanjaya Maniktala.

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