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How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic: A Beginner's Guide to Success Book PDF


The modern age of technology has made electronic devices an essential feature of our everyday activities. However, what happens when the same thing happens to your favourite electronic appliance? What do u do; rush and buy a new one or try to fix it. This article will show us how we can correctly diagnose electronic problems and do repairs.
How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic, Second Edition pdf
Chapter 1: Understanding Electronic Devices
Firstly, it is important for us to know about the structures and functions involved in electronic devices before we begin diagnosing the problems. We shall discuss basic notions pertaining to electronic circuits, individual elements, and electrical currents.

Chapter 2: Diagnostic Tools
You’ll require an appropriate set of tools for diagnostics of electronic problems.* This will include basics such as how the voltmeter works a how-to guide on using an ohmmeter and circuit analyzers. Here is how to employ these instruments properly to locate the problem.

Chapter 3: Diagnosing Common Problems
In this section, we shall discuss some of the typical problems that you might experience in electronic devices like power outage, black screens among others. This will involve giving clear measures to identify and solve those problems.

Chapter 4: Repairing Electronic Problems
Having identified the problem, it is now time to correct it. We will present our recommendations and steps for trouble-free solving electronics problem. For small issues that involve replacement of faulty parts and the repair of broken wires we will concentrate on self-maintenance. We shall also give advice on how you can keep your gadgets safe.

Chapter 5: Taking Care of Your Electronics.
This chapter will talk about the ways to maintain your electronic devices and prevent future issues. We’re going to give tips on how to regularly clean and ventilate and handle your gadgets safely.
How to Diagnose and Fix Everything Electronic” can be your ultimate instructional manual if you desire to master everything in your electronics. Understanding electronics and getting the right tools will help you diagnose a problem and fix it without professional assistance. Ensure that you adhere to all the directions and tips contained in the book and you’ll be a professional at fixing electronics!

Contents Of the Book:

CHAPTER 1: Prepare for Blastoff: Fixing Is Fun!
Repair: Why Do It?
Is It Always Worth It?
CHAPTER 2: Setting Up Shop: Tools of the Trade
- A Good Place to Work
- Digital Multimeter
- ESR Meter
- Oscilloscope
- Soldering Tools
- Desoldering Tools
- Hand Tools
- Magnifier
- Clip Leads
- Swabs
- Chemicals
- Heatsink Grease
- Heat-Shrink Tubing
- Electrical Tape
- Small Cups
- Internet Access
- Digital Camera
- Power Supply
- Testers, Signal Generators and Meters
- Isolation Transformer
- Stereo Microscope
- Bench Vise
- Hot-Air Rework Station
- Hot-Melt Glue Gun
- Magnet on a Stick
- Cyanoacrylate Glue
- Component Cooler Spray
- Data Books
- Parts Assortment
- Scrap Boards for Parts
Wish List
- Inductance Meter
- Logic Analyzer
- Spectrum Analyzer
- BGA Rework Station
CHAPTER 3: Danger, Danger! Staying Safe
Electric Shock
- Physical Injury
- Your Turn
- Electrical Damage
- Physical Damage
- You Fixed It! Is It Safe?
- ATE: Always Test Everything!
CHAPTER 4: I Fix, Therefore I Am: The Philosophy of Troubleshooting
Why Things Work in the First Place
- Products as Art
- If It Only Had a Brain
- The Good, the Bad and the Sloppy
- Mistakes Beginners Make
- That’s How It Goes
- History Lessons
- Initial Evaluation
- Use Your Noodle: Case Histories
CHAPTER 5: Naming Names: Important Terms, Concepts and Building Blocks
Electrical Concepts
- Circuit Concepts
- Signal Concepts
- Building Blocks
CHAPTER 6: Working Your Weapons: Using Test Equipment
 Digital Multimeter
- ESR Meter
- Oscilloscope
- Soldering Iron
- Desoldering Tools
- Power Supply
- Transistor Tester
- Capacitance Meter
- Signal Generator
- Frequency Counter
- Analog Meter
- Contact Cleaner Spray
- Component Cooler Spray
CHAPTER 7: What Little Gizmos Are Made Of: Components
- Crystals and Resonators
- Crystal Clock Oscillators
- Diodes and Rectifiers
- Fuses
- Inductors and Transformers
- Integrated Circuits
- Op Amps
- Resistors
- Potentiometers
- Relays
- Switches
- Transistors
- Voltage Regulators
- Zener Diodes
CHAPTER 8: Road Maps and Street Signs: Diagrams
Hooked on Tronics
- Call Numbers
- Good, Not Bad and Miserable Schematics
- Once Upon a Time…
- Amplifier Stage
- Switching Power Supply
- Push-Pull Audio Amplifier
- Mega Maps
- Give It a Try
- Radios
- CD and DVD Players
- Keep Reading
- But I Ain’t Got One!
- Your Wish Is Not My Command: Case History
CHAPTER 9: Entering Without Breaking: Getting Inside
Removing Outside Screws
- Separating Snaps
- Removing Ribbons
- Pulling Wire Connectors
- Layers and Photos
- Opening a Shut Case
- Receivers and Amplifiers
- VCRs, CD and DVD Players
- TVs and LCD Monitors
- Turntables
- Video Projectors
- Portable DVD Players with LCD Screens
- MP3 Players
- PDAs
- Smartphones and Tablets
- Camcorders
- Digital Cameras
- Laptop Computers
- AC Adapters
CHAPTER 10: What the Heck Is That? Recognizing Major Features
Power to the Circuit: Power Supplies
- Follow the Copper-Lined Road: Input
- Shake, Bake, Slice and Dice: Signal Processing
- Out You Go: Output Stages
- A Moving Tale: Mechanisms
- Danger Points
CHAPTER 11: A-Hunting We Will Go: Signal Tracing and Diagnosis
- Comatose or Crazy
- Alive and Awake but Not Quite Kicking
- Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No
- To and Fro
- All the World’s a Stage
- Check, Please
- When All Else Fails: Desperate Measures
CHAPTER 12: Presto Change-O: Circuit Boards and Replacing Components
Through-Hole Parts
- Surface-Mount Components
- Choosing Components
- Parts Machines
- Substitutes
- Capacitors
- Diodes
- Relays
- Resistors
- Transistors
- Zeners
- Installing the New Parts
- Through-Hole
- Finding Parts
- Saving Damaged Boards
- LSI and Other Dirty Words
CHAPTER 13: That’s a Wrap: Reverse-Order Reassembly
Common Errors
- Getting Started
- Reconnecting Ribbons
- Oops! Broken Latch
- Layers and Cups and Screws, Oh My!
- Oh, Snap!
- Screwing It Up Without Screwing It Up
- When You Had to Break In
- Done!

CHAPTER 14: Pesky Parts and Persnickety Problems
Automotive-Related Problems
- Condenser Microphones
- Push My Buttons
- LCDs: Liquid-Crystal Disasters
- Lithium Batteries
CHAPTER 15: Aces Up Your Sleeve: Tips and Tricks for Specific Circuits and Products
Linear Power Supplies
- Switching Power Supplies
- Audio Amplifiers and Receivers
- Digital Still Cameras
- Disc Players and Recorders
- Earbuds and Headsets
- Flat-Panel Displays and TVs
- Hard Drives
- Laptop Computers
- MP3 Players
- Remote Controls
- Smartphones and Tablets
- VCRs and Tape-Based Camcorders
- Video Projectors
- Have At It!
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