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Mastering Control Circuits in Power Electronics: A Comprehensive Guide

Efficient and rapid processing of electrical power is made possible through the marvel of power electronics, a revolutionary energy conversion technology. At the heart of this technological marvel lie control circuits, critical components that significantly influence the operation and performance of power converters. In the realm of power electronics, control circuits play a pivotal role, shaping characteristics such as efficiency, steady-state errors, transient response, stability, and robustness. This extensive guide, titled "Control Circuits in Power Electronics: Practical Issues in Design and Implementation," delves into the intricate world of analog and digital control circuits, offering invaluable insights for engineers, researchers, and enthusiasts.
Control Circuits in Power Electronics Practical Issues in Design and Implementation
Content Overview:
Divided into three distinct parts, this comprehensive guide navigates through analog control circuits, digital control circuits, and emerging trends in control circuits for power electronics applications. Each section is meticulously crafted to provide a deep understanding of the subject matter.

Part 1: Analog Control Circuits
The initial segment offers an in-depth overview of power electronics applications where analog control circuits currently exhibit superior performance. Readers gain essential background knowledge enabling them to design analog control circuits for power converters. The section explores current research topics, practical design issues, and presents detailed design examples for DC/DC converters, single-phase rectifiers with unity power factor, and three-phase grid-connected inverters for photovoltaic applications.

Part 2: Digital Control Circuits
The second part unfolds a plethora of control solutions based on digital circuits. Hardwired custom-designed digital integrated circuits and software-based architectures, including microcontrollers, field programmable gate arrays, and digital signal processors, take the spotlight. This section delves into digital control solutions for renewable energy processing, electronic ballasts, three-phase rectifiers, voltage-sourced inverters, and multilevel converters. It serves as essential reading for researchers involved in the design and implementation of control algorithms using digital control circuits.

Part 3: New Trends in Control Circuits
The final part ventures into emerging topics and new trends in control circuit technology for power electronics applications. From integrated switched capacitor converters to dual-core digital signal processors with control and communication functions for networked control applications, this section explores the forefront of innovation. It also delves into intelligent drive units facilitating advanced control of power switches and control design using computational intelligence techniques such as genetic algorithms and ant colony optimization.

Significance of Control Circuits:
In power electronics, control circuits stand as the cornerstone, influencing both static and dynamic properties of power converters. The sensing unit captures the current state, the control algorithm makes decisions aligned with control objectives, and the modulation scheme executes these decisions by providing firing pulses to the switching devices. The choice between analog and digital control circuits further impacts static and dynamic characteristics, showcasing the technology's influence on transient response and operational flexibility.

"Control Circuits in Power Electronics: Practical Issues in Design and Implementation" is a meticulously curated guide that transcends traditional boundaries. It serves as a beacon for those navigating the complexities of power electronics, providing a profound understanding of both analog and digital control circuits. Whether you are an engineer, researcher, or enthusiast, this guide unlocks the intricacies of control circuits, empowering you to master the dynamic and evolving field of power electronics.

Contents Of the Book:

Part I: Analog Control Circuits
Chapter 1: PWM-based Sliding Mode Control Schemes for DC/DC Power Converters
Dive into the world of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and sliding mode control, uncovering innovative schemes for enhancing the performance of DC/DC power converters.

Chapter 2: Synthetic-Ripple Hysteretic Controllers for DC/DC Converters
Explore the realm of synthetic-ripple hysteretic controllers, understanding their applications in optimizing DC/DC converters and delving into the intricacies of their design.

Chapter 3: One-Cycle Controlled Power Inverters
Discover the efficiency and precision of one-cycle controlled power inverters, unraveling the techniques and practical applications in power electronics.

Part II: Digital Control Circuits
Chapter 4: Digital PWM Control of High-Frequency DC-DC Switched-Mode Power Converters
Immerse yourself in the digital realm, exploring the intricacies of Pulse Width Modulation in the context of high-frequency DC-DC switched-mode power converters.

Chapter 5: Microcontroller-Based Electronic Ballasts for High-Intensity Discharge Lamps
Unlock the potential of microcontrollers in electronic ballasts, specifically designed for high-intensity discharge lamps, showcasing the intersection of digital control and lighting technology.

Chapter 6: FPGA-Based Controllers for Direct Sliding Mode Control of PWM Boost Rectifiers
Delve into the world of Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and their application in direct sliding mode control, enhancing the efficiency of PWM boost rectifiers.

Chapter 7-10: DSP Controllers and FPGA-DSP Controllers
Explore the spectrum of Digital Signal Processor (DSP) controllers and FPGA-DSP controllers, spanning applications from three-phase unity-power-factor rectifiers to DC-DC converters in renewable energy, providing a comprehensive understanding of the digital control landscape.

Part III: New Trends in Control Circuits for Power Electronics
Chapter 11-15: Emerging Trends in Power Electronics Control
Witness the forefront of innovation with intelligent gate drivers, integrated switched capacitor power converters, DSP-based natural frame control schemes, dual-core DSP for control and communication in AC microgrids, and the use of computational intelligence in designing power electronics converters.

"Advancements in Power Electronics Control Circuits" stands as a beacon for professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts seeking a deep understanding of the evolving landscape of power electronics. With an extensive exploration of analog and digital control circuits and a glimpse into emerging trends, this comprehensive guide offers valuable insights into the dynamic field, empowering readers to navigate the complexities and contribute to the future advancements in power electronics.

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